The Lakehouse Inspiration

Today I’ll be handed the keys to The Lakehouse, giving me a moment of pause to reflect on the “labor of love” that has guided much of my time over the last two years. With the construction crews departing and our team officially moving in, I remember the inspiration and the true intention of this project – to build a place that is comfortable, yet elegant; familiar, yet sophisticated. Ultimately, one that will feel like a respite, a home, for our guests, where we are able to put forth delicious, pure, authentic craft cooking.

The Lakehouse has always been about the artisan experience, from the ceramics that the food is served on, to the art on the walls, and the people creating the food and drinks in the kitchen and bar. The menu revolves around local produce reflecting vibrant, farm-inspired craft cooking. My team and I are working from a philosophy of total usage and unique techniques, all the while highlighting and celebrating a produce-driven menu, rounded out with local seafood and meat, fresh produce, handmade pasta, and the larder.

The Lakehouse is my interpretation of a Northwest Farmhouse through and through. From the Maple & Moroccan Spice Roasted Carrots, goats milk labne, chiles, almond, mint, inspired by my fondness for root vegetables that displays an approach that is both simple, yet dynamic in flavor, texture, and experience, to the Curry Roast Cauliflower that has depth in flavor and showcases the vegetable at its cleanest when prepared with green apple, herb hummus, preserved lemon, kale pesto, and ver jus. Drawing upon the family-style experience indicative of creating memories in a home, I created the shareable Grilled Wild Alaska Halibut, Mustard Green pesto, smoke clam remoulade, sautéed spinach with lemon, and saffron potatoes, which I intended to instill a distinctive Northwest spin on a classic American steak preparation. Every dish has a story behind it – and an artisan hand that has touched it.

As we work, train, unpack and continue to push, I’m looking forward to our first guests next month and opening the doors of our welcoming space and lake house retreat.


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